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The Lies You Love is LIVE!

When he notices me staring back, he stalks toward me, thick legs clad in jeans that hug his curves just right. My mouth is dry, and I set my drink down when it begins to shake in my hand. I didn’t expect it to be this easy. He has to be coming over to talk about my dumb costume, I reason.

“I’m Beckett,” he says, extending his hand. “You are part of the cougar party over there, I take it. What’s your name?”

No pick-up lines or bad jokes even though I’m wearing a fucking wig and a dress my Great Grandma would wear to church. He just asks my name. Beckett, a hot guy name, I think, shifts his buddy out of the way to sit down on the stool next to me. I remain quiet, mostly stymied he’s giving me the time of day. Even if I were dressed as perfectly as the two women in the bathroom, I wouldn’t be in this guy’s league. His hair is brown and done in that messy, sexy way only attractive guys can pull off. His cheekbones are sleek, his jaw wide and defined. He is textbook beautiful. He’s also at least 6’ 4” so he’s probably hung like a stallion.

“I’m, I’m Annie,” I stutter like a moron. It’s my name tonight. Never give a real name. It’s one of the few rules I give myself while prowling. “My friend is getting married,” I explain, turning the focus off myself. “This whole Granny night bachelorette party was not my idea.” Pinching the dress, I eye it with distaste. “You guys look to be having more fun.” I peer around him to the groom who is dribbling water down his chin while he sings the alphabet.

Beckett grins and I have to clench my thighs together. There’s a dangerous edge to his mouth. I bet he can do wicked things with it.

“I’m having fun now,” he says, thick lips wet from where he just licked them. “Can I buy you a drink?” ©Rachel Robinson 2022

The Lies You Love is out NOW! This a standalone novel in The Charge Men Series. It’s HOT. Angsty. Action packed. NOT a slow burn romance. If you love love that seems destined, and a world that seems to pull it apart, this novel is for YOU!

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09NMMHJ5H

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09NMMHJ5H

Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09NMMHJ5H

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The Love You Hate Sneak Peek

“Fine. If that was a mistake, what do you call this? Between us?” I gesture between our bodies with a flailing arm. “What is it?” His breathing speeds and the feral look in his eye makes my stomach flip. He crosses to where I’m standing and pins my wrists on either side of my head against the wall. The move is so forceful, I lose my breath, and my train of thought. Nate licks his lips as his gaze flicks between my eyes and my mouth. His breaths crawl across my cheeks and my whole body breaks out in shivers.

“It’s also a mistake,” Nate says, jaw clenched. “The biggest mistake of my life.” I swallow hard—held completely captivated by the intensity of his stare. He shakes his head once, “The catch is that I don’t care. I don’t care if it’s a mistake. I can’t help myself.” He leans forward, trailing his lips against mine—testing, asking permission. Closing my eyes, I stay as still as possible. It would be criminal to tell him how much I want him despite everything else. Also, I don’t have the power to tell him no.

He growls, “I broke every rule for you but one. The one that would level me.”

THE LOVE YOU HATE, A standalone, enemies to lovers, bodyguard romance releases JULY 6th!

Preorder NOW!

Apple: https://apple.co/3gTdsEw

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Kobo: https://bit.ly/3wVQJ0l

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3dbJWaO

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******IT’S LIVE!******
Grab your copy of TIME AND SPACE now!

Amazon: http://goo.gl/McWNyd
B&N: http://goo.gl/IZw6xe
iBooks: https://goo.gl/N6sH38
Kobo: https://goo.gl/iprlkA

What people are saying:

“She took me under her spell and played me like a fiddle. I went through heartache, sadness, hope, laughter, forgiveness, bitterness, and most importantly I went through love.” Natasha, Amazon Review
“When do lies hurt the ones we love? This book has mind-blowing dramas unfolding at the turn of every page. Time and Space is HOT, suspenseful, simply brilliant!” – Lina’s Reviews: A Book Blog

“I had no idea what I was in for, and I was swept away into the world of Time and Space from page one, and am having trouble getting out of it now that I’ve finished!” -Sheila, Goodreads



Set in Stone.

Set in Stone.

My fans are so awesome. You guys really, truly are the best. When I wrote Crazy Good I had no idea the effect it would have. I mean, as an author, you always hope that readers catch the subtle undertones, and those evocative scenes? Well, you guys get them. The countless daily e-mails and messages tell me so. Those same messages also tell me, in quite the deafening roar, “WE WANT MORE!”

Because Crazy Good is so (holy-crap-batman) well received, I get to continue on with this series. Set in Stone will be another standalone, because I’m not going to play the cliffy game with “the guys.” 1. I don’t think they’d appreciate it. 2. It’s my party and I’ll do what I want to.

Set in Stone IS Morganna and S****’s story. I really don’t want to give away anything other than that. I know you want more Stone. I’ve noted this request. 🙂

I’ll retreat into my bat cave, er, my office and make magic happen. If I can get it to you earlier, I will. And if I suck at life (hey, a kid off for the summer is sort of a hinderance) it might be a smidgeon late.

In the meantime, where are you guys located? I’ll be attending author events and I want to MEET YOU! Seriously, I need to see your faces.
– Rogers, Arkansas July 25-26 for the Indie Mashup http://www.indieauthorevent.com
– Anaheim, CA October 4th for the Authors in the OC http://www.authorsintheoc.com

Until next time: if you fly, I fly,


Today was supposed to be the official release for Crazy Good. Instead, it’s flying high on the bestseller charts and I have no one to thank except for you. My readers. You guys love their unorthodox love story and I thank you for that. It’s always a little scary deviating from the norm. 60%, anyone?  I didn’t write it to torture you, nor did I write it for shock value. It’s real. It’s not my reality (thank heavens), but it’s a reality that is close to home. My home. And my swirling, not-normal, slice of life. 

With HUGE hesitation, apprehension, and a little holy-shit-what-am-I-doing, I shared a piece of my slice with the world. Thank you for welcoming Windsor and Maverick into your lives. Thank you for your awesome reviews. They make me laugh and cry and question whether the reviewers should be the ones writing novels. Thank you for the 4 a.m. up-all-night e-mails. Thank you for the Facebook messages and comments that make me feel like by writing a book I’ve entered YOUR slice of life. 

The frequently asked question this week has been: Morganna. Will she have a book?

The short answer: Yes!

The long answer: Morganna was the very first character I formed before writing Crazy Good. It’s odd that a secondary character came first, I know. She’s the backbone, if you will. I have no idea when her I’ll finish her story, but I will. 🙂 Stay tuned. 



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One month.


Announcement! (You know, other than that amazing banner up there with Windsor and Maverick all steamy like.) 

Crazy Good will be released on April 14th. You’ll be able to get your copy where all eBooks are sold. Paperback copies will be available for order on Amazon. Keep an eye out here for buy links on or around release day. 

Questions? Comments? You’re a reviewer and want an ARC? Send me a message! 

What’s Crazy Good about?

They’re kind of an enigma. The glimpses inside their lives are usually reserved to big box office movies where their unique skill sets are portrayed with guns blazing and missions impossible. They are Navy SEALs. Windsor and Maverick’s love story is true and it’s raw…it’s real. Because life with a SEAL isn’t nearly as glamorous as it’s portrayed, or even how uninformed romance novels spin it. Every SEAL isn’t the same, but they all have one thing in common—it’s a force that drives them forward; it makes them engage in extremes in every facet of their lives. Even in love.

Because Crazy Good is told from alternating point of views you get to be behind the gun, inside the mind of a man who strives for perfection in everything. Then on the flip, Windsor’s view, the delicate balance of frailty and acceptance in an unfamiliar relationship, dealing with the strong highs and desperate, depraved lows. Having a romantic relationship with a SEAL isn’t like anything else. They aren’t normal. The word normal isn’t in their vocabulary.

 Behind every great man stands a stupendous woman—or something like that. What type of woman does it take to stand beside a SEAL? I’m here to tell you they posses more bravery and courage than their counterparts who imbibe danger as a thrilling sport. Although this is Windsor and Maverick’s fictional story, it’s served with a huge heaping of reality. It’s a glimpse at what goes on when men like Maverick aren’t doing what you see on the news or on movie screens. You can only be crazy if you have good to balance it out. 

It’s a fact. 

And with that, we’ll let the countdown begin. 🙂

Eternal Press Authors Valentine Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Eternal Press Authors Valentine Blog Hop!

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****And if one of my long time fans happens to win and a, “Hey! I have all three of those already” situation happens, I’ll send you an e-book ARC of CRAZY GOOD, my Contemporary Romance novel releasing this spring. 🙂 

Release day information

Embraced(#2, Samantha Scott Novel) will be available for purchase on Thursday, August 8th.

On Thursday you will be able to purchase eBook formats( PDF (Kindle), PDB, MOBI, LIT and EPUB(Nook)) from the publishers website here: Eternal Press.

I don’t know which format to buy for my ereader!

There is a handy chart HERE that should clear up which format is compatible with your ereader.

In the days following release day the novel will trickle into the other online ebook retailers. ie: Amazon, Barnes & Noble Nook store, Kobo etc…

I don’t have one of them there fancy ereaders! When can I get a paperback copy?

Paperback copies of Embraced will be available a few weeks after release day and can be purchased online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you go to a Barnes & Noble store, you’ll have to ask them to order a copy for you.  If you’d like a signed paperback copy of Embraced (or Escaped) please use the contact form here and fill out all requested information.


Release day live chat!

Along with several other Authors I will be in an online live chat on release day, Thursday August 8th. It’s hosted by Eternal Press and you can login and access the chat room HERE. I should be lurking around there at 2:00 PM EDT and 7:00 PM EDT. Drop in if you have burning questions! I’ll be happy to answer any questions about Samantha or my upcoming Dystopian Paranormal Romance, SIX (releasing November 2013). I’ve heard there will be door prizes!

As always, if you have questions or comments please use the contact form to reach me. I always love hearing reader feedback. Stop by my Facebook page to enter to win ebook copies of Embraced. There’s still time! Also remember to add Embraced to your lists on Goodreads!

PS) A huge thank you to everyone who bought, read and reviewed Escaped. It’s now a topseller!

Love & Magical Light,

Rachel (Character mother, caretaker, and overall dictator around here)