Month: May 2016

How to write a STRONG heroine.

They say you haven’t made it in the literary world until you have a handful of scathing, one-star reviews. I remember reading my first one with wide eyes and a pounding heart. The reviewer not only attacked every facet of my characters and story, she attacked me as a person. She called me a weak woman for writing a weak heroine. I know that reviews are written for readers and not authors, but in my opinion, reviews should always be constructive before they’re negative and vicious. I don’t think I’ve ever escaped those words fully. As an author, I love my characters. So much so that I give them a multitude of my own characteristics. Yep. Gross. Guess that makes me weak, right? Thanks, scathing review. *tear formed of character blood rolls down my cheek*

I’ve thought a lot about what makes a character weak, and I don’t think it’s any one thing. This observation is confirmed by the fact that the next character I wrote is one of the STRONGEST women I’ve ever read/will ever write.(Morg, anyone?)  Her actions were labeled as ball-busting, and of character so strong that some were unable to connect with her or understand her decisions. Wait. What? She’s strong. She’s independent. She knows what she wants and would never settle. So, where is the line? That magical place where a heroine isn’t a doormat, but she isn’t too strong either?

In fucking Unicorn Utopia. That’s where.

One woman’s strength is another woman’s weakness and vice versa. A woman may truly feel an instant attraction and fall into bed with a man on a first date.*Let’s have another round!*  Another wouldn’t dream of it. *Modest is Hottest, Yo.*  Without weakness, strength cannot exist. They need each other. Every single choice we make is grounded in our strengths. Our failures? Those things that happen which are out of our control? That is weakness. How fair is it to slap a label on something that happens organically? Oftentimes, it’s when we’re feeling puny, fragile and dare it say, weak, that monumental strengths are formed.

She gave the dude a second or third chance. Awesome. She’s skilled in forgiveness and tolerance. Insta-Love. Well, just because you haven’t felt it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. She’s an optimist, a grab-an-opportunity-when-it-hits-you-in-the-vagina type of girl. She made such horrible decisions. They were her decisions.You don’t have to like them, or agree with them. Lucky for you, you just have to read them.Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and all that, you know?

I could wax poetic for days about the things I’ve seen about “weak heroines.” I understand, but then again I don’t. I mean, I am the woman who wrote a book about a non-submissive submissive, so do with that what you will. I write, and I hope all of my colleagues continue to write, flawed, and holy-shit-yes, weak heroines. I hope they make awful decisions and end up in angsty, tormented places.

I hope they cry, fight and love bravely. I hope they are real, and I hope they pick themselves up from the rose scented ashes (because they are fucking ladies, not SEALs) and grasp their happily ever afters.

How do you write a strong heroine, then?

Give her a vagina and name her Max. She’ll do the rest.





Ten submissive women. One billionaire dominant.

Three months competing for his “affections.”

One winner takes all.


THE DOM GAMES by Rachel Robinson

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Read on for a steamy excerpt from THE DOM GAMES…

“Are you ready?” I ask, placing my palm on her sweaty stomach. She’s so petite that my hand spans her entire stomach. It rises and falls with each deep breath she takes. This power I feel right now is utter heaven. She’s mine in every way possible, and no one can deny it. Fury of possession and lust hit me. I don’t want to hold back any longer.

Kayla nods. Gritting my teeth, I unfasten her gag and pull it away with a long strand of spit connecting it to her mouth. Her lips part and close a few times as she adjusts to the new sensation.

Lips. They’re such innocuous things in real life. They speak, and laugh. They kiss babies, and are responsible for filtering or not filtering every word you ever speak. In my world, this world, they’re the most erotic, beautiful, stunning part of a person. Lips praise. They suck and kiss and worship my body. Kayla’s lips worship me. I am obsessed with lips, but especially hers right now because I know that this isn’t her life, nor is it something she would pick for herself, yet her lips are asking me for more. Words passing her lips about how good I feel, how wet she is, thanking me for filling her with a vibrating dildo. It’s uncomplicated in here. She obeys. She wants more.

Removing the gag does give me pause, because she could potentially say something un-sub like and ruin the scene, but at this point I wouldn’t even care, I’ll still fuck her. My cock is heavy and dripping with pre-come. I glance at the large, digital clock to my right to make sure my timing is on par and catch sight of the crew.


Pre-Order links for THE DOM GAMES

Monday, the 23rd, THE DOM GAMES releases into the wild. You can pre-order it now for only .99c! It will go up to full price after release. Here are a few snippets of what early readers are saying:

“This book killed me. I felt every single emotion that Kayla went through. I was brought into her world along with her. I was gutted at one point and didn’t think I could go on, but Rachel does what she does best she brought me back in, begging and pleading for more!”Sheila’s Book Corner

“Reading The Dom Games is like watching a reality TV show. Its addicting, has you wanting to cover your eyes while peeping through a gap in your fingers. Its heart poundingly good so much so it steals your breath and leaves you in a dizzy state. And it’s SO GOOD that despite the twists and turns, the stabs to the gut and the heart breaking reality you keep on.”Sophie, Bookalicious Babes Blog

“Oh MAN, was this addicting! I couldn’t take my eyes away. I’ve never read anything like this before. Rachel Robinson opened up my eyes to pretty damn fantastic world of kinky reality television. THE DOM GAMES had me blushing from head to toe. It had my heart pounding and my pulse racing. I devoured the thing like nobody’s business.”
Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

“The Bachelor meets Fifty Shades and although BDSM is a part of this book it’s not heavily a part of the story line so if you steer clear of these books normally then I would take a chance on this as it’s not about whips and chains it’s truly a love story.” Bookhooked