Month: August 2020


I’m so excited to announce that LEGACY is releasing on October 4th. If you are a blogger, the sign-ups for  ARCs have arrived! Guys, this novel has been in the works for a long time, (since 2014) and I’m pleased to share that you’ll get to dive back in to the CRAZY GOOD WORLD!



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You’ll get more Maverick and Windsor, and the new generation! Luke Hart is all grown up and is ready to steal your heart, and melt your kindle. This is an action packed, heat filled, heart pounding, Navy SEAL standalone novel that crosses over to Corinne Michael’s Salvation Series world.

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Aarabelle Dempsey always knew her true destiny and master plan. She was merely prolonging the execution by travelling the world for a year after she graduated the Naval Academy. A hidden romantic, she anticipated falling in love at some point. A British up and coming recording artist tempted her with love, but instead of proposing marriage, he stomped on her heart by having a sordid, highly publicized affair with a media mogul debutante.

With Aarabelle’s mom, Natalie at the helm of CJJ Public Relations at their San Diego branch, and her Dad, Liam now finishing his career as a SEAL BUD/S instructor in Coronado, she is back to seize what is rightfully hers and heal her broken heart.

Aarabelle will be the first female Navy SEAL.

One teammate, Luke Hart, has his own LEGACY to fulfill, and even though she’s off limits, and as complicated as their friendship becomes, Luke finds himself questioning everything about what he thought he wanted.

Luke and Aarabelle might be following the legacy set forth for them by their parents, but the love they find along the journey is legendary…and forbidden.