Month: December 2021


I want you to be the first to know that several of my books have been released on the romance fiction app, Radish! Radish is a new and easy way to read romance right on your phone or tablet.

Radish is a serialized reading app where you can read books a chapter at a time. Find Radish Fiction by searching on the App Store and Google Play. Once you’ve got Radish downloaded, simply type Rachel Robinson into the search bar to find my stories! 

 One of my favorite things is that after you finish an episode (chapters are called episodes on Radish), you are able to comment in live time for me to see! Tell me your thoughts, feelings, predictions, how you take your coffee, anything. I am so excited to be able to interact with you in such a simple and personal way. If you want, go comment your favorite color on one of my new stories (that way I’ll know where you came from)!

 As a thank you for your endless support, I’ve partnered with Radish to give you free coins when you sign up. Simply click here to claim your gift and start reading any of my books, or if you’ve read all of mine, any story you choose! Note: This promo link only works for new Radish users-but it will give you access to twice the amount of free episodes than you’d otherwise receive if signing up without my link. This is an amazing opportunity for you to fall in love with Radish!

Remember: The Bronze Bay SEALS Series is out now on Radish, your destination for all things Romance and now Rachel Robinson !

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A standalone novel in The Charge Men Series. Releasing February 3, 2022.

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In a quest to forget my ex left me to marry a man, I turned to a few flings. Okay, more than a few, but I dare anyone to judge me after the life I’ve endured. Then, a one-night stand gets a little blurry in the emotions department. He’s muscular, smooth talking, and the chemistry is so hot that thinking about him makes me buzz. The catch is he can only commit to a one month fling. It’s so good, I agree, but it’s obvious there’s something between us that can’t be ignored. His secrets are deep, and I don’t want to get burned again yet, walking away is impossible.


I spend one month on duty guarding my Principal, and one month off letting loose. That’s my schedule, and I’m okay with it until I meet her. The night we meet is a little fuzzy, but our connection is not. When I wake up in the morning and discover my life-altering one-night stand is my Principal’s best friend, I know I’m doomed, but I make excuses to keep Auden for as long as I can. That is until both their lives are in danger and I can only save one. 

My duty and honor, or the woman who I’ve fallen mercilessly for? 

Always protect the heartbeat.