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Misfire is available to read free in KU, and in a stunning, special, paperback cover now!

Misfire is a dark, mafia romance. ❤️‍🔥

I never wanted to rule an empire. I was a housekeeper. A hooker. A wrecked woman with a past full of scars and secrets. A chance encounter with an Astor swept me into the hurricane of their glamorous, organized crime world. Then, I met the other Astor brother and nothing will ever be normal again.

One brother saved me, but under false pretenses.

One brother is madly in love with me, but it’s complicated.

I’ve fallen for both men for different reasons, but there’s only one way this can end—in messy, tragic destruction.








Rachel Robinson

Release Date: January 6


I never wanted to rule an empire. I was a housekeeper. A hooker. A wrecked woman with a past full of scars and secrets. A chance encounter with an Astor swept me into the hurricane of their glamorous, organized crime world. Then, I met the other Astor brother and nothing will ever be normal again.

One brother saved me, but under false pretenses.

One brother is madly in love with me, but it’s complicated.

I’ve fallen for both men for different reasons, but there’s only one way this can end—in messy, tragic destruction.

Everyone tells you playing with fire is dangerous, but they never said it would be this intoxicating.

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“Are we together then?” 

  He glances at me. “How would you answer that?” 

“What are the rules? I don’t know who I’m supposed to be! Your girlfriend? Your house cleaner and part time waitress? You buy me clothes and vow to protect me, and I still don’t know why.” I push the plate away, appetite all but forgotten. “Riley shares things with me. He’s not setting me up for failure. He reserves a place for me and reminds me it’s there if I want to take it.”

  Jesse raises one brow. “It’s like that is it? Here’s the first rule. Riley is who he is and I’m who I am. Do not compare us.” Brush and easel in hand he walks up to where I’m standing, to loom over me. His darkness sweeping me like a chilling hug. “Got it?” Threat looms large in the last two words. “You were a house cleaner and a waitress because I wasn’t sure what you were capable of or wanted to do. You are my girlfriend, and tonight you’re only mine. 

Jesse tilts his head to one side. “Don’t speak his name. I’m sure he’s already left his mark on your body, I don’t want his name on your lips, too.” 


The Lies You Love is COMING SOON!

Releasing on February 3. A standalone novel in The Charge Men Series.

Her smile is wide and tempting. “Asking for exclusivity after a one-night stand? What kind of male are you?”

I kiss her on top of her head and then bend in to plant a wet one on her lips. “One who knows exactly what he wants.”

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Releasing on February 3.

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I want you to be the first to know that several of my books have been released on the romance fiction app, Radish! Radish is a new and easy way to read romance right on your phone or tablet.

Radish is a serialized reading app where you can read books a chapter at a time. Find Radish Fiction by searching on the App Store and Google Play. Once you’ve got Radish downloaded, simply type Rachel Robinson into the search bar to find my stories! 

 One of my favorite things is that after you finish an episode (chapters are called episodes on Radish), you are able to comment in live time for me to see! Tell me your thoughts, feelings, predictions, how you take your coffee, anything. I am so excited to be able to interact with you in such a simple and personal way. If you want, go comment your favorite color on one of my new stories (that way I’ll know where you came from)!

 As a thank you for your endless support, I’ve partnered with Radish to give you free coins when you sign up. Simply click here to claim your gift and start reading any of my books, or if you’ve read all of mine, any story you choose! Note: This promo link only works for new Radish users-but it will give you access to twice the amount of free episodes than you’d otherwise receive if signing up without my link. This is an amazing opportunity for you to fall in love with Radish!

Remember: The Bronze Bay SEALS Series is out now on Radish, your destination for all things Romance and now Rachel Robinson !

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The Love You Hate is Live!

Available at ALL retailers now.




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An enemies to lovers, standalone novel in The Charge Men Series.

Nate Sullivan

Keep this chick alive.Don’t let her know I’m her bodyguard. What should be an easy task, something I’m trained for, and well practiced in, is a living nightmare. Presley is moody, thinks she’s funny when she’s not, impossible to track down, and highly unpredictable. As her Charge Man, I’m responsible for keeping her heart beating. The thing is, the closer I get to her, the more my own heart starts beating… for her.

Charge Men don’t ever fall in love. Especially with their infuriating Principals.

It’s forbidden.

Presley Cohen

I went into a protection program after my father tanked the world’s economy. He is quite literally the most hated man in the world. Because of that, I’m a target. Gold Hawke, Colorado, isn’t a place anyone dreams of visiting, let alone, living. It’s a far cry from the glamorous, billionaire lifestyle I’m accustomed to, but at least I’m breathing. I created a redo bucket list. It’s filled with things I would never be able to do in my former life in the spotlight.

My new frenemy, Nate Sullivan, is infuriated by my list, but who doesn’t want to join a roller derby team? Or strip at a strip club? Or ride a bull? Or make that exasperatingly attractive good guy fall in love with you?

I have nothing left to lose.

The Love You Hate Sneak Peek

“Fine. If that was a mistake, what do you call this? Between us?” I gesture between our bodies with a flailing arm. “What is it?” His breathing speeds and the feral look in his eye makes my stomach flip. He crosses to where I’m standing and pins my wrists on either side of my head against the wall. The move is so forceful, I lose my breath, and my train of thought. Nate licks his lips as his gaze flicks between my eyes and my mouth. His breaths crawl across my cheeks and my whole body breaks out in shivers.

“It’s also a mistake,” Nate says, jaw clenched. “The biggest mistake of my life.” I swallow hard—held completely captivated by the intensity of his stare. He shakes his head once, “The catch is that I don’t care. I don’t care if it’s a mistake. I can’t help myself.” He leans forward, trailing his lips against mine—testing, asking permission. Closing my eyes, I stay as still as possible. It would be criminal to tell him how much I want him despite everything else. Also, I don’t have the power to tell him no.

He growls, “I broke every rule for you but one. The one that would level me.”

THE LOVE YOU HATE, A standalone, enemies to lovers, bodyguard romance releases JULY 6th!

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The Christmas Con is Live!

Jingle. All. The. Way. The Christmas Con is here, and ready to liven up your holiday season!

Read The Christmas con TODAY!

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All I wanted for Christmas was a date…

I posted one personal ad on a free, dark web dating site. I expected a Nigerian Prince who wanted my bank account number or a phishing scam. I didn’t expect to receive lavish gifts from a beautiful stranger.

A plane ticket.✈️

A weeklong vacation in Bora Bora.🌴

Saying yes to everything was easy because in exchange for my insane compliance, he agreed to be my date home for Christmas.Except when I arrive in paradise I realize he isn’t just a beautiful stranger.

He’s Italian royalty—an actual freaking Prince! 👑

He’s also a world-famous porn star.🎥

Falling for an untouchable man isn’t advisable, but then again this was only supposed to be The Christmas Con.

🖤🖤🖤🖤A standalone, steamy, Christmas Novella. 30k words.

The Legacy continues.

Are you ready to dive into Corinne’ Micahel’s Salvation Society World? Or maybe you’ve been waiting for more Crazy Good SEALs? Legacy is a world blend of both!

“An amazingly emotional, well-written, beautiful story with lots of tears (Proud, Angry, Sad, Happy), Kickass-ery, Forbidden Love and a HEA they fought for❤.” Toonasa on Goodreads

Legacy is now LIVE and FREE to read in KindleUnlimited:

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Aarabelle Dempsey always knew her true destiny and master plan. She was merely prolonging the execution by travelling the world for a year after she graduated the Naval Academy. A hidden romantic, she anticipated falling in love at some point. A British up and coming recording artist tempted her with love, but instead of proposing marriage, he stomped on her heart by having a sordid, highly publicized affair with a media mogul debutante.

With Aarabelle’s mom, Natalie at the helm of CJJ Public Relations at their San Diego branch, and her Dad, Liam now finishing his career as a SEAL BUD/S instructor in Coronado, she is back to seize what is rightfully hers and heal her broken heart.

Aarabelle will be the first female Navy SEAL.

One teammate, Luke Hart, has his own LEGACY to fulfill, and even though she’s off limits, and as complicated as their friendship becomes, Luke finds himself questioning everything about what he thought he wanted.Luke and Aarabelle might be following the legacy set forth for them by their parents, but the love they find along the journey is legendary…and forbidden.


¸¸.•*¨*•★ ANNOUNCEMENT ★•*¨*•.¸

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined an incredible group of authors to write in New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Corinne Michaels’ Salvation Society! These books will be written within the bestselling Salvation Series world, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be part of it! We’ll be bringing you glimpses of some of your most beloved characters from Corinne’s world, intermixed with our own worlds. I’ll be mixing my CRAZY GOOD SEAL World with the Salvation World. It’s an epic crossover that you’re sure to devour! We’re celebrating the announcement in the Salvation Society Reader Hangout, and I want you to join us! There will be loads of information to come, including release information for all of the books and I don’t want you to miss out. Make sure you join the world mailing list to be notified first!

Haven’t read the Salvation Series? You should ASAP and to get you started, Corinne is giving you Beloved and Beholden, the first duet of the series. Dive in now by clicking the Bookfunnel link below.

I hope you’re ready for this, it’s going to be incredible!

Get TWO free Salvation Series Books:

Read Crazy Good for free HERE.

Salvation Society Reader Hangout:




I’m happy to bring you my newest standalone romance, NEVER ALWAYS. I worked hard on this story, and it took me longer to write than my typical novel. A little bit of that is because I moved across the country (HELLO COLORADO), and a little bit is because how complex the dynamic of the character’s relationship was. There are so many facets that went into creating what you’ll read between Tennyson and Grange, and I hope that when you get to the last line, you’ll feel “it” like I do every time I reread the scene. That stare at a blank wall for several minutes comprehending and soaking in what it all means, and how you’re able to view the characters in a whole different light kind of thing. (That’s my favorite kind of book!)

There is action and steam, and plot twists that will shock you. At base level this story is about change and acceptance, and yeah, it’s romance, so DESTINY. Except it’s in a form you won’t recognize until that last line. (Again, that last line, guys!) Crafting this story made me laugh, cry, and fall in love in every shape and form. The side characters are just as important as the main characters, and to do them all justice, the path was rough and harrowing. Never Always is a journey. One that is paved in my heart for the rest of my life. I hope you’ll join me on it.

Happy reading.

All my “you’re awful” love,


P.S.) I WANT TO HEAR ALL YOUR THOUGHTS. Message me in a panic. Leave a review. Comment somewhere I’ll see it. I LOVE IT ALL! Reach out!



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