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The Lies You Love is LIVE!

When he notices me staring back, he stalks toward me, thick legs clad in jeans that hug his curves just right. My mouth is dry, and I set my drink down when it begins to shake in my hand. I didn’t expect it to be this easy. He has to be coming over to talk about my dumb costume, I reason.

“I’m Beckett,” he says, extending his hand. “You are part of the cougar party over there, I take it. What’s your name?”

No pick-up lines or bad jokes even though I’m wearing a fucking wig and a dress my Great Grandma would wear to church. He just asks my name. Beckett, a hot guy name, I think, shifts his buddy out of the way to sit down on the stool next to me. I remain quiet, mostly stymied he’s giving me the time of day. Even if I were dressed as perfectly as the two women in the bathroom, I wouldn’t be in this guy’s league. His hair is brown and done in that messy, sexy way only attractive guys can pull off. His cheekbones are sleek, his jaw wide and defined. He is textbook beautiful. He’s also at least 6’ 4” so he’s probably hung like a stallion.

“I’m, I’m Annie,” I stutter like a moron. It’s my name tonight. Never give a real name. It’s one of the few rules I give myself while prowling. “My friend is getting married,” I explain, turning the focus off myself. “This whole Granny night bachelorette party was not my idea.” Pinching the dress, I eye it with distaste. “You guys look to be having more fun.” I peer around him to the groom who is dribbling water down his chin while he sings the alphabet.

Beckett grins and I have to clench my thighs together. There’s a dangerous edge to his mouth. I bet he can do wicked things with it.

“I’m having fun now,” he says, thick lips wet from where he just licked them. “Can I buy you a drink?” ©Rachel Robinson 2022

The Lies You Love is out NOW! This a standalone novel in The Charge Men Series. It’s HOT. Angsty. Action packed. NOT a slow burn romance. If you love love that seems destined, and a world that seems to pull it apart, this novel is for YOU!

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