I’m happy to bring you my newest standalone romance, NEVER ALWAYS. I worked hard on this story, and it took me longer to write than my typical novel. A little bit of that is because I moved across the country (HELLO COLORADO), and a little bit is because how complex the dynamic of the character’s relationship was. There are so many facets that went into creating what you’ll read between Tennyson and Grange, and I hope that when you get to the last line, you’ll feel “it” like I do every time I reread the scene. That stare at a blank wall for several minutes comprehending and soaking in what it all means, and how you’re able to view the characters in a whole different light kind of thing. (That’s my favorite kind of book!)

There is action and steam, and plot twists that will shock you. At base level this story is about change and acceptance, and yeah, it’s romance, so DESTINY. Except it’s in a form you won’t recognize until that last line. (Again, that last line, guys!) Crafting this story made me laugh, cry, and fall in love in every shape and form. The side characters are just as important as the main characters, and to do them all justice, the path was rough and harrowing. Never Always is a journey. One that is paved in my heart for the rest of my life. I hope you’ll join me on it.

Happy reading.

All my “you’re awful” love,


P.S.) I WANT TO HEAR ALL YOUR THOUGHTS. Message me in a panic. Leave a review. Comment somewhere I’ll see it. I LOVE IT ALL! Reach out!



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