Never Always Exclusive Excerpt

I’m here today with an exclusive look inside NEVER ALWAYS. This novel is a full length, standalone in The Harbour Point SEAL Series. It does NOT have to be read in series order. It is an enemies to lovers romance with an epically fought for HEA. Angst. Twists. STEAM. A serial killer on the loose. This novel will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Enjoy this snippet below: 

He flashes me a white smile. Sex in grin form. My stomach flips. He goes to speak, laughs a bit, shakes his head, and tries again. “Without a shadow of a doubt, you will one day understand what the fuss is about. It might not be with the geek.”

“Grey,” I correct, interrupting him. “His name isn’t Geek.”

He nods. “Grey. Sex destroys things, you’re right. But it also makes a whole hell of a lot of things better. You’ll know it when you feel it.” My core clenches and I’m impossibly confused how mere words affect my body so viscerally.

Unconsciously, I step back, away from him and the conversation. “Why does it matter anyways? If I was a virgin?”

He stalks forward. “It clears things up for me. Helps me help you.”

My heart hammers against my ribs. It’s so violent, I wonder if Grange can see the movement. “It’s just sex,” I stammer.

He raises both eyebrows. His shoulders and biceps flex and bunch as he moves and the fluid contractions draw my eyes to places it shouldn’t be. Again. “If you’re doing it right, it will never be just sex.”  He grabs the end of my hair that’s wet on my shoulder. “You described your first time as a transaction. Did he see you?”

My throat is dry and my hands shake. “No.”

“I see you,” Grange growls. “I want to see you in a different way.” He lays a hand on my hip and fire ignites centering on where his hand is. I’m burning. I’ve lost my mind. It’s the only explanation.

He steps forward again, and I wobble backward a step. “What way?” I ask, looking up coyly.

He grabs me with his other arm and lifts me off the pool deck. “I want to see you look like a drowned rat. Cannon ball!” His voice echoes as he jumps off the side of the pool and plunges us into the water, the cool slicing the fire into a million pieces.

When we surface, he releases me and I try to move the hair out of my face, spluttering for air.

“You’re fired, Corrick Granger.”

His reply is the happiest laugh I’ve heard in my entire life.

©Rachel Robinson


NEVER ALWAYS by Rachel Robinson

Release Date: December 6th

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In a family filled with picturesque butterflies, I’m a moth. Camouflaged. The invisible, nerdy scientist who would rather study water and save the planet than don a dress and mingle in southern society. Unfortunately, having my nose in a book and eating goals for breakfast doesn’t bode well for a social life or my cobweb covered dating sector.


Then I met Grange. He’s a tormenter—an epic bully, but he’s promised to help me in my lackluster areas. He’s been ordered to fulfill service hours at my Aquatic Lab in Cape Cod, if I allow it.


He is bad, the worst. I’m talking wearing prison garb when I met him kind of awful. We all have our demons, but Corrick Granger’s seep into everything and everyone around him. Sure, I’d love his expertise on how to land a guy, but I’m not sure any man is worth dealing with an outcast Navy SEAL who has more issues than a magazine subscription.



One hazy mistake was all it took to ruin my life. Well, one mistake coupled with a chain of bad decisions, and a side of my hot temper. The court doled out an easy community service sentence. Never anything too harsh for a “hero.” I’ll be back at the Teams in six months, easy. I need to keep my cool, put my head down, and follow the rules.


A fiery redhead with something to prove is all that stands between me and my freedom. Tennyson is a maddening combination of know-it-all and knows-nothing. The type of woman who would cut off her own nose to spite her face, and yet when my one mistake snowballs into a life altering, soul-damning error, she’s undeniably there for me.


Even though I don’t deserve it.


Even though I’ve kept secrets.


And despite the fact I have become the monster she knew I would be.

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