Today is the day I can finally share the stunning cover of NEVER ALWAYS with you. It is a standalone, full length novel in my Harbour Point SEAL Series. There is action, and twists, steam, a slow burn, and best of all an ending that will have you swooning. I love this story so much and I can’t wait until it releases on December 6! It is my FAVORITE novel I’ve written to date. If you are a fan of Crazy Good or Time and Space, BUCKLE UP and get ready for a wild ride!

The book will move to KU on Release Day!
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Broken glassBroken glass

In a family filled with picturesque butterflies, I’m a moth. Camouflaged. The invisible, nerdy scientist who would rather study water and save the planet than don a dress and mingle in southern society. Unfortunately, having my nose in a book and eating goals for breakfast doesn’t bode well for a social life or my cobweb covered dating sector.
Then I met Grange. He’s a tormenter—an epic bully, but he’s promised to help me in my lackluster areas. He’s been ordered to fulfill service hours at my Aquatic Lab in Cape Cod, if I allow it.
He is bad, the worst. I’m talking wearing prison garb when I met him kind of awful. We all have our demons, but Corrick Granger’s seep into everything and everyone around him. Sure, I’d love his expertise on how to land a guy, but I’m not sure any man is worth dealing with an outcast Navy SEAL who has more issues than a magazine subscription.
One hazy mistake was all it took to ruin my life. Well, one mistake coupled with a chain of bad decisions, and a side of my hot temper. The court doled out an easy community service sentence. Never anything too harsh for a “hero.” I’ll be back at the Teams in six months, easy. I need to keep my cool, put my head down, and follow the rules.
A fiery redhead with something to prove is all that stands between me and my freedom. Tennyson is a maddening combination of know-it-all and knows-nothing. The type of woman who would cut off her own nose to spite her face, and yet when my one mistake snowballs into a life altering, soul-damning error, she’s undeniably there for me.
Even though I don’t deserve it.
Even though I’ve kept secrets.
And despite the fact I have become the monster she knew I would be.


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