My next STANDALONE novel, ALMOST HAD YOU is releasing on August 2nd! I am so excited for you to meet Clover and Mercer. This novel is a romantic dramedy. (Drama and comedy collide) There is a bit of angst, because it’s also a Military Romance.

The short of it: “Living a content life deep in the heart of Dixie, a small town princess is thrown into an existential crisis when a Navy SEAL breezes back into town for a three week visit.”

The long of it:  

I’ve always had a knack for following the rules. As a southern mayor’s daughter, I carry my straight-laced reputation like an Academy Award. There was never a need to question my place under the sun. It glitters. It’s splendid. I am blessed.
From the second Mercer Ballentine, war hero, Navy SEAL extraordinaire stepped off the airplane, my life has been nothing but one hijinks after another. Nothing will ever be the same.
It’s a good thing I’m ready for a change, because that man has tilted my world upside down. He might brandish roguish cowboy charm and rippling abs, but those things are no match for the wiles of a true southern belle.
I always get what I want and I don’t want to follow anybody’s rules for another second.

Alabama. Home. A three-week furlough. Fighting a war that seems will never end is wearing me down and I’ve never needed a vacation more. My plans to unwind, drink myself numb, and catch up with my friends are thwarted by a taffeta covered pageant queen who is nothing like what she seems. My daddy is running against hers this election and the stakes have never been higher. I’m heading back to war.
I don’t need attachments. I don’t need drama. I definitely don’t need to save this woman.
Then again, I always want the things I don’t need, and you’ve never seen Clover Wellsley—there’s a madness to her beauty.
I need to make her mine.
If she’ll let me.

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“I have to admit, when Rachel said Leo was her new favorite hero, I was very skeptical- how could anyone surpass Maverick?! I am happy to say that I have made room in my fictional character heart for Leo, because he is one of the most honorable and selfless characters I’ve ever read.” – Katie S, Goodreads Reviewer

“What a great read! I would give this six stars if I could.” – S. Jones





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What everyone is saying?

Black and White Flowers  is a story about an author and a scarred SEAL. Poignant. Angsty. “INTOXICATING. Absolutely consuming! What a ride. And it’s such a different story! It really is. I just loved it.” –Angie, Angie’s Dreamy Reads

Hero Hair is the story of a player meeting a playette. A battle of wits and hearts.            “All I can say is their journey was a wild ride but the ending was absolutely worth it!” -Amazon Reviewer

Life Plus One is a story about childhood friends and forever sweethearts torn apart by war. “Achingly beautiful. This book will haunt you in the very best way.” – J.L. Berg, USA Today bestselling author



LUST IN TRANSLATION has a release date

Releasing on March 22, 2019.

A standalone novel in the Harbour Point SEAL Series.

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LUST IN TRANSLATION, a Harbour Point SEAL Novel Blurb:

Beginning a new career as a linguist at Harbour Point SEAL base is a fresh start. It’s a way to bury my loss.

The grief.

The façade my shot-gun marriage has become.

It is the only bright spot in an otherwise dim existence.

I don’t expect to rekindle a friendship with a wildly cocky, always humorous, and sometimes demanding Navy SEAL. I’m supposed to teach him foreign languages. The job is supposed to give me purpose.

Quickly my friend ensnares me with more than just his wit and bad pronunciation.

He traps me with salvation.

Lust has a pulse—a memory. It strips inhibitions and dilutes the world around us. Love? That comes and goes. Lust is the only language capable of healing. It’s his language. I will speak it to save him.

To save myself.

It’s the only choice.


Lust in Translation: A Harbour Point SEAL Novel

Announcement time! In 2019 I have a 3 book series coming your way! They will be standalone novels. The first one will be Leo’s story. Lust in Translation will release winter of 2019.

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Stealing It: A Navy SEAL and Single Mom Romance is live on Amazon! It is a standalone novel in the Bronze Bay SEAL Series. If you’re a kindleunlimited reader, it’s free! Read today! FREE in KindleUnlimted –>
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We train for war and fight to win.

Mental toughness is a steadfast requirement to become a SEAL. Like his teammates, Aidan Mixx is ferocious in this quality. No one knows he uses one night stands, dating app hook-ups, and a swaggering, lewd, persona to cover his haunting weakness. Orders to the Bronze Bay, Florida, SEAL base is a change of scenery and pace. Slowing down just enough to realize not only is sleeping around in a small town more difficult when everyone knows each other, but he might be ready to settle down with one woman.

If she’s up for the challenge.

Magnolia Sager lost the only man she has ever loved to his barely-legal secretary. To make matters worse, their teenaged daughter was the one to catch her father in the affair. Mentally battered and bruised, they flee to Bronze Bay for a fresh start. The antique store keeps Magnolia busy, and the very last thing on her mind is love. She is hesitant when her best friend suggests healing old wounds and moving on by using an app to date casually.

Meeting a man who makes her weak in the knees is surprising. Wanting to continue dating him is shocking. Falling for him is insanity. Loving him, impossible.

What would you sacrifice for something you wanted? Something that was dear to you? A little? Just enough? Or everything? Would you burn it all down to the ground and steal that which you covet most?

Broken glassIf you want to catch up with the SEALs in Bronze Bay, check out these:

Keeping It: A Navy SEAL meets Virgin Romance: https://amzn.to/2DuEdwD

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All three books are standalone novels and can be read out of order!

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The next novel in the Bronze Bay SEALs series is releasing on November 30th. STEALING IT A Navy SEAL and Single Mom Romance is a full length, standalone novel.

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