Flash Bang is coming!

I’m excited to announce my first novels for 2020 will be The Summit Seduction SEAL Duet. Flash Bang is first, releasing on February 18th, 2020.

The Summit Seduction SEAL Duet is coming…⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Flash Bang (1) 💥February 18th

On his Six (2)💥March 8th

No one ever really starts over. They drag their overweight suitcase filled with a haunting, dead fiancé, and unzip it in a new location. That’s just facts of life. At least, it’s my life…This is Maeve’s (a side character from Never Always) tale.

❤️ A Rachel Robinson slow burn story, coupled with intense romantic suspense—gripping heat, and a second chance romance set in the stunning Colorado Rockies. 🏔❤️

Add Flash Bang to your TBR: https://bit.ly/3njQKX1

Add On His Six to your TBR: https://bit.ly/2IRHryA

Get. Excited. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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