A day early! You can now purchase BLACK AND WHITE FLOWERS, the first novel in The Real SEAL Series. Purchase links are below!
“Nothing is fair in love and war.”
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

“INTOXICATING. Absolutely consuming! What a ride. And it’s such a different story! It really is. I just loved it.” Angie, Angie’s Dreamy Reads

“I had high expectations for this book and Rachel surpassed them. This is a sad story, it is a “real” story, it is a story you need to read.” Tricia, TLBC’s Book Blog

“Rachel Robinson has penned a flawless story of pain and heartache, damaged pasts and uncertain futures mixed with soul searing heat, all consuming love and breathtaking beauty. Black and White Flowers is a stunning novel worth an infinite amount of stars.” Sophie, Bookalicious Babes Blog

“I was not prepared for this level of writing. I was taken by surprise by the intensity and raw story.” Diane, TDC Book Reviews

“Rachel Robinson knows SEALs better than SEALs know themselves.” Natasha Madison, Bestselling Author


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