For the first time EVER, all three of the ebooks in the Real SEAL Series are on sale for .99c each! Now is your chance to own all of the standalone, full length novels for only $3.00! If you’re ready for heart pounding action, sizzling steam, and soul shattering love, The Real SEAL Series is your next binge read. For a limited time, Buy the whole series here!

What everyone is saying?

Black and White Flowers  is a story about an author and a scarred SEAL. Poignant. Angsty. “INTOXICATING. Absolutely consuming! What a ride. And it’s such a different story! It really is. I just loved it.” –Angie, Angie’s Dreamy Reads

Hero Hair is the story of a player meeting a playette. A battle of wits and hearts.            “All I can say is their journey was a wild ride but the ending was absolutely worth it!” -Amazon Reviewer

Life Plus One is a story about childhood friends and forever sweethearts torn apart by war. “Achingly beautiful. This book will haunt you in the very best way.” – J.L. Berg, USA Today bestselling author



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