Cover Reveal for HERO HAIR

I am so excited to bring you the new cover for the next SEAL novel in The REAL SEAL Series. HERO HAIR is a Military/Contemporary Romance. (I mean, check out those awesome bone frogs etched in the glass?!) It is a STANDALONE and can be read without reading BLACK AND WHITE FLOWERS first. HERO HAIR is releasing on March 16. All of my cover images hold a significance to the story and usually factor into a scene. Here is the unedited scene that the HERO HAIR cover coincides with. 🙂

“Still want to have our third date?” he asks, pulling his t-shirt up to expose his abs. He bites the dark, cotton fabric, like men in fashion magazines do. With his abs flexed he poses so casual, so fucking drool-worthy, so over-the-top, and he gets away with it. He tosses the shirt onto the counter, with his tongue caught between his teeth.

I blow out a breath. It’s as hot as a Channing Tatum movie. More so, because I can actually touch this body–can do whatever I want with this body. “How am I supposed to say anything but yes when you don’t play fair? You’re over there with your goddamn abs and dimples and precision stripping skills.” I motion to his body.

“Babe, you played dirty first. Your mouth is like a fucking dirty poker game. One you’ll win every single time.”

I wrinkle my forehead. “Thanks I guess. Third date?” I ask, tilting my head to the side.

“Let’s go to my bedroom,” he says.


Hero Hair

by Rachel Robinson

The second novel of The Real Seal Series

Release Date:  March 16th

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Broken glass

Broken glass

Cover Image: Sara Eirew Photography

Cover Design: Allison at MakeReady Designs

I am working with TRSOR for the HERO HAIR release.


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